Agilent APPI Source (PN: G1971A)


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This Agilent G1971A APPI Source is in excellent condition. The Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization (APPI) is an ionization technique available on all Agilent LCMS product models including single quad, triple quad and QTOF instruments.  The LC eluent is vaporized using a heater at atmospheric pressure. The resulting gas is made to pass through a beam of photons generated by a discharge lamp (UV lamp) which ionizes the gas molecules. PhotoMate APPI sources are solving critical chemical analysis problems in a wide variety of application areas including pharmaceuticals, environmental, food safety, petroleum and biofuels.

System features include:

  • PhotoMate APPI ion sources provide the LC/MS user with an essential tool for tackling some of the most challenging chemical analysis applications.
  • Ionization of a wide range of compounds including non-polars
  • Reduced ion suppression susceptibility compared to ESI and APCI
  • Large linear dynamic range for quantitation accuracy
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