Agilent Technologies SS420X Interface


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The SS420x is an intelligent instrument interface box designed to collect analog data, and input and output digital signals. The SS420x attaches to the controlling computer via a standard RS-232C serial interface. It contains the circuitry of the SS420 interface card, along with an additional CPU, one megabyte of RAM for long-term collection of chromatography data and the ability to retain all the settings required by the SS420. The SS420x provides a seamless interface to the controlling computer that is independent of any specific hardware architecture; e.g., it doesnít require a PC slot or the associated interrupt and I/O address settings. Additionally, by placing these capabilities outside of the PC, the SS420x off-loads the processor power required by the original SS420 card and provides the capability of retaining data and controlling chromatography equipment, regardless of the state of the controlling computer.

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