CTC Analytics A200S Autosampler


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CTC Analytics A200S Autosampler


  • A200S autosampler Technical specifications
  • Sample Tray: Removable sample trays with the possibility of temperature control
  • Number of samples: 200 Vials: 0.7 ml; 105 Vials: 1.5 ml (optional); 32 vials: 5 ml (optional)
  • Minimum sample Vol: 0 µl for 3-fold injection
  • Dosage Method: Stepper motor driven syringe of 10 ul (Hamiliton 701 type). Volume selectable in 0.1 microliter steps. Simply adjustable dead volume.
  • Syringe Cleaning: Number of cleaning cycles with sample (0-99) & solvent (0-99)
  • Injection Side: Installation for left or right hand side is possible
  • Injection Point: Two different injection points selectable in method
  • Reproductabilty: Splitless injection <1.0% absolute; On column injection < 1.0% absolute; <0.2% relative; Retention time better than 0.1%
  • Splitter Valve Control: Valve activated 0-99 sec. before, and 0-99 sec after injection

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